Mission Statement


For Birth Parents

At Full Belly Birth, clients are empowered and supported in their decisions, their body’s capabilities – and their capabilities.  Clients will feel safe and respected – emotionally safe, safe to feel vulnerability and fear, but also physically safe. I am there to facilitate conversations with care providers that ultimately get them to the birthing experience that they want. Clients are empowered, and know that THEY have the ultimate say over their bodies.

As a doula, I may know more than they do about birth, but it’s not my birth, it is THEIRS and ultimately they are the ones who guide and control the process. Clients wishes are respected and their desires are listened to by everyone on their birthing team. Clients will feel empowered by their experience giving birth, and feel connected to their bodies and their babies throughout the process. 


Post-Partum Goals

Post-partum families will feel safe in their vulnerability. Clients will feel comfortable in the transition to parenthood, and feel okay with letting go and settling into a slower pace.

Clients will feel respected when they ask questions and feel in touch with their instincts as parents. I Birth parents will feel comfortable letting their body be different than it was before, and embrace the new squishiness and soreness.

Clients will be supported in allowing themselves the space to process the birth and take care of themselves in the tender first days after having a baby. Feeling unsure or uncomfortable is okay! Clients will know that they can handle being parents of a newborn, and taking care of themselves, and their relationship to each other as parents and as people.


Partners & Families

I’m here to help clients embrace the tenderness and sacred space of both giving birth and caring for a newborn. As a facilitator, I guide families and help give themselves permission to be an unfamiliar space and experience all of the frightening feelings that come along with that, but also embrace the excitement and freshness and beauty of new life and new roles.

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